The Petticoat Affair: Mean Girls Make History

Drama. Backstabbing. Rumor-mongering. Welcome to Washington, D.C., 1829. The Petticoat Affair   "She [Margaret (Peggy) Eaton] will do more to injure your peace and your administration than one Hundred Henry Clays."[1]  -Ezra Stiles Ely to Andrew Jackson, 11 March...

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Symposium Press Release

Symposium 2019 Press Release Historic Franklin Masonic Hall Foundation To Host First Symposium at the Historic Franklin Masonic Hall, September 13-14, 2019. August 13, 2019 – Franklin, TN – The Historic Franklin Masonic Hall Foundation will host its first signature...

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Speaker Spotlight: Nafees Khan

This week's Speaker Spotlight is on Dr. Nafees Khan. We are excited to welcome Dr. Khan to Crossroads Symposium on Friday, September 13 to speak about his part in the Slave Voyages Project. Over about 400 years, an estimated 12.8 million people were uprooted from...

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