“There was a yell, the Rebels made a charge along the whole line. The bullets were falling so thick it was unsafe to remain longer. I stood within the door, and in a few minutes all was in perfect confusion. Men, women, and children were running in every direction, together with unmanageable teams, loose horses and mules. My position was no longer safe. I hastened to the cellar with the rest of my family and neighbors who sought protection with us…”1
Fannie Courtney

Come learn more about what happened in the town of Franklin on November 30, 1864 at the Masonic Hall tonight, from 5-8 P.M. Tours are free, last about thirty minutes. The last tour starts at 7:30.

1- Rick Warwick, comp., Williamson County: The Civil War As Seen Through the Female Experience (Nashville: Panacea Press, 2008).